We offer a range of medical services to our patients, including critical surgeries, dental treatments, and fertility services. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our partner hospitals to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Treatment Package

Our team will provide you with a personalized treatment package that is tailored to your specific medical needs. We will review your medical reports and suggest the best possible treatment plan for you.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We understand that traveling to a new country can be stressful, especially when you are unwell. That's why we offer airport pick-up and drop-off services to ensure that you have a comfortable journey. Our team will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel or hospital.


We offer a range of accommodation options to suit your budget and preferences. Our team will help you choose the best possible accommodation that meets your needs.

Language Assistance

Our team members are proficient in several languages, including English, Arabic, and Hindi, to ensure that there are no communication barriers between you and your medical team.

Medical Visa Assistance

Our team will assist you with obtaining a medical visa to India. We will guide you through the process and ensure that all the necessary documents are in order.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

We believe that our relationship with our patients doesn't end with their treatment. Our team will follow up with you post-treatment to ensure that you have a smooth recovery.

Heart Surgery

Our team of highly skilled cardiac surgeons and cardiologists specialize in performing complex heart surgeries with high success rates.

Knee Replacement

We offer knee replacement surgery using the latest techniques and implants to provide maximum comfort and mobility for our patients.

Spine Surgery

Our team of experienced spine surgeons is trained to treat a variety of spinal conditions using advanced surgical techniques.

Prostate Surgery

We offer advanced prostate surgery procedures to treat prostate cancer and other prostate-related conditions.

Eye Surgery

We offer a range of eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, LASIK, and other vision correction procedures.


We offer a range of gynecological treatments, including fertility treatments, hysterectomy, and other procedures.


Our team of cancer specialists offers advanced cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Teeth Implants

We offer dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore the function and appearance of your smile.

At Osaid Medical Services, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care and personalized attention. Our experienced and highly trained medical professionals use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We take pride in providing our patients with the best possible medical tourism experience. Our goal is to ensure that you receive high-quality medical care in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your medical needs.